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plans for the day?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by shamwow, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. after my gf gets back from getting her hair did, we're going to fry's to pickup parts to build a box...will be the 1st comp she's's for one of her gf's:)

    what do y'all have going on today?
  2. Well considering it's already 18:50. Not much. Gonna go get me some food. And then I'll prolly watch some 24 eps (please, no spoilers.).
  3. can't wait for 24 to come back:drool:
  4. I was going to install another hard drive, but it didn't show up yesterday. Other than that, I'm going to finish some scripts that I have started and hopefully get some Quake3 action in.
  5. i'm going to start brewing a winter ale later today.
  6. I'm cleaning my squirrel cage.

    Months of dried squirrel urine smells much like you'd imagine it would.
    Why can't he go on the paper like he's supposed to??

    Moron squirrel pisses all over the walls of the cage, and I have to lug the whole damn thing outside to hose it down.

    Next one I build will have freakin' toilets.
  7. pics of squirrel?
  8. um im gunna eat then drink beer then uh i dunno
  9. is the squirrel still wild or is it a "special" squirrel?
  10. keep squirrels? Pet or wild?
  11. Chillin, watching the game, drinkin a bud........true.....true
  12. cheers! having a beer right now:chikken:
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    Meet Fidget. He's a flying squirrel.




    Those are of his old cage.
    This is his newer one, which I built thinking it would be easier to clean, if he used it right.
    He doesn't.


    I've been trying to come up with an easier to clean design.
    I've had a few ideas, but haven't built them yet.
  14. Just because you throw him, does not automatically make him a flying squirrel. ;)

  15. He's quite tame.
    About as smart as a not-so-bright retarded kitten.
    He knows some stuff, has a personality, but there's some things he just hasn't quite figured out.

    Like, he knows who I am, and comes when I call him. But he hasn't figured out that if my shirt is tucked in, he can't get up under it. He always looks so confused.

  16. You should see him in his aviator goggles and scarf.

    He chewed up his leather flying jacket.

  17. :lol:
  18. :lol:
    how did you acquire said squirrel?

  19. Was it lambskin or cowhide?
  20. i just woke up and took a xanax so im gunna wait a few :D