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Pics PicSpam GO - Now with less Poké Balls and less Snapchat

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. Wrong again. You're the one behaving like a moron. I'd say you're having a bad day but you're wrong often.

    PS: barking about how stupid everyone else is even weaker than most of the fallacies you try to present as facts.
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  2. I hereby declare you do not possess the intelligence to comment on this topic.

    So it is written.
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  3. Brony mad lol
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  4. When did this turn into the hair pulling thread?
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  5. Dumb and I will also say not once during his terms did I wake up worried about what would happen and if the world was going to potentially end.
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  6. The world will not end in the next 8 years. My heart might explode, or I might die from aneurysm.
    The world will be fine, snowflakes.
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  7. wanted to ensure the artist got proper credit/views

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  8. wtf... CthulhuTheDude?
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  9. even if you don't watch doctor who there were like two posts above that called them ood you dingus
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  10. ill dingus your telephone box or whatever that thing is with that audible screwdriver or whatever that thing is you nerd.

    that is the extent of my dr who knowledge.
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