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Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Feb 26, 2017.

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    That's about all you can do.

    You might remove the heel piece that's screwed down and put a piece of fiberglass over the crack (and resin it down).
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  2. Pretty much what you do. Reinforce it if you can. Should be able to buy a small sheet for cheap online. If not look for your local FGCI store or similar.

    It will break again, though
  3. @Duke
    Off of James Redman/Collins st Plant City
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  4. These are heat moldable, which I need to do again, should I do that before or after the repair?
  5. Before. If you do it after the resin/epoxy will stress crack and/or try to return to the previous shape (depending on the properties of whatever you actually use to fix it)
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  6. never been a fan of glocks but they're still quite reliable
  7. For a quick reliable sidearm they can't be beat. I've ran multiple brands and I almost always go with my glock.
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  8. yep. Toss em in the mud, go for a swim, get that fine-ass dust into em, the slide can grind like sandpaper when you pull it back and theyll still fire.
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  9. yep, they just tend to fit my hand oddly for some reason

    they still sit better in my grip than those damn springfield XDs tho
  10. handfeel is important. Perhaps the most important thing. You dont need to be fumbling when it matters
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  11. I'm not a fan of springfields at all. The S&W M&P line isn't bad.
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  12. for me it's always been sigs that fit the best. trigger, safety, slide lock, everything is exactly as far away as it needs to be

    and yet I'm still a sucker for 1911s
  13. Well we all came up on 1911s so it's natural. I do like the setup in SIGs but I prefer the trigger engagement on glocks.
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  14. compared to modern composite shit, theyre so heavy though.
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  16. Did you notice if it's a notch or a hatch?
  17. Exactly. My Glock 19 weighs next to nothing which is why it's my backpack/camp choice.