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Ontopic PICA has got to be a top 5 "most crazy" mental condition out there

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mortlach, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Sorry sir, I meant Frogs not frogs
  2. Goes with our "no balls" society where everyone gets butthurt at the slightest thing. But... what if junior doesn't like me?!

    You're a nice guy heating it back up. When dinner is over it's over. The kid scoops their leftovers into a container and puts it in the fridge.
    Smart kid, that sounds delicious.

    My kids are the same in a restaurant. They are always polite and nice to everyone. Most we ever have to do is remind them to use inside voices.
    100% this, but all those parents will tell you it's the kid that just won't listen to them. No shit? Of course your kid doesn't listen to you, you're not an authority figure.
  3. he will eat if he's hungry enough
  4. You underestimate his stubborn streak. He is Ghost's kid afterall. I'm shocked at the amount of nights he goes to bed with little or no dinner, but we don't cave. Figure some day he'll change his mind.
  5. Samantha is an extremely picky eater so far. She still only gets healthy choices. The awesome thing is that she loves many veggies. She hates fruit though and she's not great with meat yet, so I worry she's getting unbalanced nutrition. She is lean and healthy though. She starts gymnastics in two months.
  6. that should make fat Melissa happy.

    That said, if he'll go to bed without eating... he isnt that hungry.
  7. Ghost is sneaking him chicken mcnuggets.
  8. This, I didn't hit 150 until my freshman year in college.

  9. this reminds me of that house episode when house hires the kid to pretend to be wilsons son, genius, GENIUS EPIC prank lols.
  10. Remember seeing it but don't remember enough of the details.

  11. it's just hilarious, such a brutal jerking of wilsons heart strings