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Ontopic PICA has got to be a top 5 "most crazy" mental condition out there

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mortlach, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. :iono:
  2. not a good sign that when we are talking about eating disorders you say in the post "I normally take...."
  3. meh it is what it is...
  4. Kiki has been doing this shit since age 12. I believe that the clinical diagnosis is that she is fucked
  5. you are a mom right?

    you will teach your kid different I would gather
  6. She has specifically stated that she will be disgusted if her kid is overweight and won't allow it to occur
  7. As should any parent.
  8. Like it's so hard not to get super fat or something?

    Kids shouldn't be overweight, they should be running all day long.
  9. You're in supertroll mode today eh

  10. Yes, if they are running they won't be fat.
  11. Kiki s definition of fat is not fat
  12. woah not talking the other extreme either.... I'd rather a kid slightly overweight than bulimic or anorexic

    morbidly obese? not sure
  13. The first intelligent thing you've said in a long time :D.

    Really though, kids aren't designed to be overweight. If a child is overweight, with few exceptions, it's the parents fault. Some might be chunkier than others, but with a decent diet and time outside, kids will be just fine.
  14. Can you actually go outside for 6 months out of the year in AZ, or does your shadow just get burned into the ground?
  15. No one is designed to be overweight.
  16. They could have made snowmen yesterday. Way to stereotype a State. Sheesh. And Mikeawesome ( not really awesome) thinks Brits don't know shit about your country.
  17. Fat people are.
  18. this
  19. There are only two months where the sun causes immediate damage to anyone that dares venture outside, thank you very much.