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Ontopic PICA has got to be a top 5 "most crazy" mental condition out there

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mortlach, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Really? I've only seen a few minutes of that show here and there, but I kinda assumed they were all attention whores crazy to do anything to get on TV. You know, like those idiots on the Maury Povich show who claim to be deathly afraid of pickles or cotton swabs or some dumb shit.

  2. oh god no, it's far more horrific and disturbing then that. Far more.
  3. I'm not prepared to believe you. While there may be legitimately sick people with this disorder I don't think any of them end up on that stupid TV show.
  4. The only one I saw was two people addicted to coffee enemas. :wtf:

  5. well go watch the first few seasons.

    the wife has seen them all, i'll ask her. I've only seen a few episodes, show is too disturbing for me, but the only ones I saw that possibly weren't pica sufferers was the pinesol smelling lady and the exercise cyclist addict.
  6. We have one of those at the gym at work except he uses a stepper. The gym staff had to have a word with him. Guy was obsessed and on the stepper multiple times a day for hours.

  7. that episode is the craziest. Did you see that one? Of all the people on the show he had done the most harm to himself, with a stupid exercise machine lololol
  8. Never seen the show.
  9. It's a step machine :wtf: go find some stairs.
  10. When I worked at Gold's there was this lady that did nothing but cardio, would get on the treadmill and just trot along for hours. Was nothing but skin and bones, she got pregnant at some point, started to show, then she disappeared.
    Found out that she somehow did not have enough bodyfat to keep the baby.
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    150 laxxies a daaay? BULL SHIIIIIIIT... and she has NORMAL bowel movements? BULL SHIIIIT.
    she would be in lots of pain and would be soooo thirsty. i normally take 2, but when i take 3, i have to drink so much water cuz im losing so much.
    i call PURE shens on that.
    shes not even critically ill as per that doctor.
  12. Just face it Kiki - someone out there is much better at taking drugs than you are.
  13. :D she actually sucks at it since shes a gawd damn LIAR!!
  14. Maybe she's on so many drugs she can't remember the truth.
  15. Bet she doesnt wipe her ass with her sweater, tho
  16. Bastard
  17. :hay:
  18. Maybe she built up a tolerance
  19. to shit on her sweater?