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Ontopic PICA has got to be a top 5 "most crazy" mental condition out there

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mortlach, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. I've given up on McDonalds, it's tasty and all but it's just so unsatisfying. I could probably eat 3 large meals, be $20 down and still be hungry an hour later. KFC > *
  2. I miss their chicken tender wraps like an ex model gf.
  3. Never had em. I always go in the drive thru and get a chicken mcsandwich meal with large fries, means I don't have to wait for them to make it.

    Plus McDonalds food is always almost stone fuckin cold. Fuck that.
  4. ouch...just ouch
  5. soo, not at all then?
  6. An old friend of mine I believe had ECT at a young age. He's pretty messed up.
  7. that was KFC food! They don't have the wraps here anymore. It was outstanding, but then after eating two (they were huge) my body would question my judgement.
  8. the wife has watched a few docus about those people with PICA, and pretty much everyone on strange addictions the tv show has it.

    That shit is fucked up beyond all recognition

  9. It is without question... missed you, my friend, I have spoken of you but not to you in awhile
  10. Why bother trying to treat them? Someone needs to clean up all the sh*t we leave behind. You should encourage cigarette butt eating everywhere you go.
  11. missed you too bud, how's the practice?

    decided to implement some large changes into my life, been taking care of germinating those plans, things are starting to come to fruition wooo

    might have a bit of time to sneak onto forums and shoot the shit a little more often in the future
  12. fair enough.... does procreation makes its way into these plans?
  13. oh and practice is good... have two hundred developmentally disabled + mentally ill patients.... woohooo... it's so easy when they have both
  14. Implementing, germinating, and fruition? Are you a farmer?
  15. i'm 27 and before 30 is the plan, plan is looking much more reasonable now that I've massively changed my life around :)

    can't wait. Gonna finish writing my book, build a home, have a nice life.
  16. i'm a throwback from an age when everyone had a large vocabulary, not just industry specific jargon. :dunno:
  17. you're a saint man, that's badass
  18. scheduling shit like when to have a kid just leads to unpreparedness and ill informed decisions.
  19. I'm still trying to understand why people cook fish at all.
  20. Scientific FACT