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FYI People you need to stop using Google

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by King Wickie, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Negative sense when talking about the gvmt = positive sense.
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  2. If a government is tracking me, I'd lose my respect for that government.

    The only uprising I would get involved in would be the Cat Uprising. And in that case, no government would be able to stop us. Together, we can overmeow any government you puny humans form.



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  3. how many of the homeless cats from that movie have you pet? Why not just take one and make it yours
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  4. I'll be your tribute.
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  5. I must have petted most of them. I don't know man, I pet any cat I can.

    I will get some cats who are in need of a home,(injured, sick etc.) in a few months. That's the plan.
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  6. love ya, MacG! :)
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  7. do you also like dogs or is just a cat fascination?
  8. Right back atch'a you loveable bastard.
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  9. I love anything that's not human. I don't even kill mosquitos, I capture them and torture them, patch them up and torture again.

    I used to pass out in close proximity with dogs, I had such a phobia but I'd pet the shit out of a wolf now.

    I'd pet anything that has 4 legs.
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  10. Im rootin for the wolf. I hope he gives you the hydrophobee.
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  11. My brother is a werewolf, so I'm used to being around wolves.

    I don't know what hydrophobee is and I'm not going to look it up at work.
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  12. I wouldn't say there is anyone who I need to stop using google.
  13. i use bing.
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  14. So you're the one.
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  15. You havent seen Old Yeller?
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  16. Baaaahhhh!!!
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  17. Vaeren_Store_Faerder.jpg
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  18. You got a hot wife, brocephus.
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  19. That's a dudebrah, bruv. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
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  20. I was going to say, that's an awfully horny ewe
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