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Food People should really watch Food Inc and Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by dbzeag, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. I saw Food Inc. One of the best documentaries ever made in my opinion.
  2. It was good, but glosses over the fact that without all these farming techniques food would be extraordinarily expensive and you'd be complaining even more about people starving. It's why "organic" farming isn't sustainable.

    Oh yeah, and it made Ape get all hippy on me. So that part of the movie sucked.
  3. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! This guy is a real winner.

    Obviously there is someone at the top of the McDonalds Chain just sitting there thinking "How can we deceive, poison, and eventually imprison the whole of human society?!?!?!?" Idiot.
  4. And btw, pretty much any hamburger and fries left out will look like that. The whole thing dries out before it has a chance to rot.
  5. Sure if you rely on the current food industry to produce organic foods. It showed very well that what is required is more localized farming in communities.
  6. Unfortunately, organic food does not reproduce nearly as quickly as the shit they grow nowadays. There is no argument that it would be nearly impossible to feed the world on natural/organic foods alone. We have successfully backed ourselves into a corner. :(
  7. stinky meat project
  8. Yea, one person was asking "Why isn't that bread moldy?" Uh, cause it was left on an open counter. If it was in a bag, or even left in the fridge, the entire hamburger would have been covered in mold and rotted away.
  9. Like I said in my previous post. With the current way the industry is setup, no you can't sustain a proper flow of organic food for the masses. To produce enough organic food, communities must become self sustainable. To do this, the major hurdle that needs to be overcome is inner city farming.
  10. We still have waaay too many people. There is no way that NYC could sustain itself with inner city farming. We need a good plague to save the race...
  11. I don't believe it's impossible. Though I wish I did know the answer, because that would make me a ton of money and help a ton of people.

    But even if their was solid ideas on how to approach this, the American public would never do it. It's much too much like communism for America.
  12. A little deceptive; your stomach can certainly break down things that microbes in the air cannot.

    Our bodies are capable of breaking down some incredibly stout materials.

    Still, jamie oliver does make a good point, especially about kids. And organic farming can suck a hairy fat one. Local is better but understandably not always an option. Any fix to this problem will take generations.
  13. :waw: you just can't help yourself, can you
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    The problem isn't producing the food, it's producing enough of the food on the land we have available. America is a country of metroplexes, and the vast urban sprawl doesn't leave room for enough farmland to organically feed millions of people, especially insofar as livestock farming is concerned. The amount of animals alone required to feed that many people is staggering, and so is its impact on the environment. That's where industrialized farming evolved from, that need for a convenient way to produce millions of pounds of food, quickly and efficiently.

    Urban farming does have certain interesting applications, however, like rooftop gardens or hydroponic greenhouses on river barges. It wouldn't feed everyone though. It's more of a very small scale special interest.
  15. Gimme a Big Mac
  16. it's been around 2 years since I've eaten mcdonalds
  17. It WILL happen. Once oil becomes a luxury, so do bananas from Costa Rica, apples from Washington, etc. Globalization comes crashing down and all we're left with is local growers. Then you have the problem that we've destroyed our top soil by mono-cropping (or removed it altogether in cities). Our soil is addicted to fertilizers that only come from petroleum. We're fucked.

    And I've got news for ya, AUS is even worse off. They've lost so much farm land to soil salinization its mind boggling. There is no fix other than time for salinization. major fucked++

    And I don't make the connection between local growers and communism but whatev
  18. Australia is working towards better water distribution to the inner dry lands. The desalinization plants being create as we speak will help for the current population, yet soon will also add to water supplies for the outback farmers.

    A lot has to change, but it's not like we have options. It's gotta be done.
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    I'm talking about the salinization of farm lands due to mono cropping and top soil abuse. Nothing can grow on salted earth, and AUS has lost a TON of it.

    edit: I didn't read this whole article, but this should give you an idea what I'm talking about