People and their cats...

BigDov said:
Contacting a lawyer because of the harassment.... what a weiner

He probably knows how cat owners can get and fears for his life. They are nearly as bad and could be quite possibly worse then the hardcore prolifers.
ChikkenNoodul said:
I'd like to see him have to get put to sleep after suffering a gunshot wound

next time he's in your yard killing your birds and crapping in your sandbox, go ahead and pluck him with a 22.
ChikkenNoodul said:
They're natures birds, not mine.

Animals are part of nature.

Domesticad animals like cats are, for the most part, not a part of any current ecosystem. If they don't belong in my backyard I have every right to shoot them or blow them up.
Drool-Boy said:
His purpose is to charge me money, and I didnt invite him into my yard, therefore he gets a round of 00 buckshot.

Then he sues your ass, sends you to jail, and steals your wife.