Paris Hilton Steals Her SexTape *pic* -Repost for some, not all-


Feel Free to Pee on Me
Sep 30, 2004


Paris Hilton Paris Hilton's embarrassment and anger over her XXX sex tape finally got the best of the heiress at a Hollywood newsstand she frequents.

In a sudden act caught on video surveillance cameras, Hilton tore up a poster advertising 1 Night in Paris and stole a copy of the infamous movie shot by ex-flame Rick Salomon and sold without her permission! The tape is a best seller, with close to half a million copies sold so far.

Paris' ordeal occurred on Dec. 15, shortly after she and pals entered Swing News on Sunset Boulevard in L.A. around 3:30 p.m. to buy celebrity magazines, according to the clerk on duty.

"She appeared to be in a good mood and even posed for a picture with me for my celeb scrapbook," the clerk said. "But as she was setting some magazines down by the cash register, she saw that we were selling her DVD in our adult magazine section. She went from nice to nuts instantly."

Paris, 23, was reportedly concerned some of her "young fans" who shop at the store might see it and get the wrong impression of her. And she added that she felt betrayed that the store would be selling the DVD even though she shops there "all of the time."


Although the clerk tried to appease Paris by placing the DVD in a cubbyhole, Paris saw the poster for the X-rated movie on the side of an ATM in the shop and began shredding it. Her sympathetic friends tried to help by grabbing another Hilton poster, but had to give up as it was chained to the ceiling.

As Paris paid for her magazines, she "reached across the desk and snatched the DVD out of its hiding place," the clerk said. "She stuffed it into her purse and declared, 'I'm taking this and I'm not paying for it.'"

The clerk said he called the police and filed a victim's report for theft and vandalism.

If the reminder of her past mistakes was not enough, six days later on Dec. 21, Paris was again subjected to embarrassment. As she signed autographs outside trendy restaurant Koi in L.A., one fan surprised her by asking her to sign what appeared to be a slightly risque picture of herself.

With the smile quickly disappearing from her face, Paris tore the photo and got into her car.