Panis ex meus opus

Pandora said:
Neato! How are you with focaccia bread?

Focaccia + brie = :drool:

I haven't done a straight focaccia yet. I've made a fougasse, which is like a focaccia, only the bread has a series of cuts in it to maximize the amount of crust area. They look something like this:


theacoustician said:
There is just no pleasing that girl, is there?

It really takes its toll on my self esteem, but at least it gives me something to strive for.
itburnswhenipee said:
I guess an alternative would be to make very small portions. You know, something suitable for one person to make a meal of.

not worth my time plus cooking & cleaning of the two is tolerable
itburnswhenipee said:
This attractive, smallish loaf still cools in my kitchen laboratory. I anticipate the first slice. Already I can tell that the crust is thinner and more delicate than the hearty, chewy loaves I've grown accustomed to baking, but until it cools enough for me to plumb it's mysterious, chambered depths and inspect the structure of the crumb I cannot declare victory or defeat.

This made me lol
Candy said:
We both literally laughed out loud at this. Looks good though. We have a bread machine that has never been used - ever use one?

Nope. Never used a bread machine. I don't think I really want too either since you're pretty much restricted to coffee can shaped bread.

That being said, I think I've seen some recipes for coffee can bread. Hmm...

shawndavid said:
This made me lol