Our drive down to Atlanta



So, after theac's visit up to my humble little abode in my humble little estate, he and his wife invited the whole family down to their little place to experience some "southern hospitality." How could I pass up an opportunity to visit the great state of Georgia and its shining jewel of the south capital, Atlanta. So I packed the clan into smileymobile 1 and we set off cross country. Being poor and all we couldn't afford to fly, but this was definitely the next best thing, plus it gave me a chance to show the wonders of this great land to the little 'un.

I brought along our old pentax 640k digicam we got free from Tony the Tiger and took some pics.


We took our time, caught some sites, camped a night somewhere in the Andes, and showed up on a Thursday afternoon. theac and Pandora must have still been at work, so we let ourselves in through a back window in their house. (Sorry dude, I'll pay you back for the window when I collect enough cans). I took a few pics of their home for the ol' scrapbook.



He has some nice digs. CNN must pay well.

Anyway, I figured it would be a couple of hours before they got home, and I though he would want us to make ourselves at home until then, so I brought in our stuff and let the little 'un run off some of her pent up energy from being in smiley1 all day. Man did she love their house. And their cats.

Sometimes she gets a little too rambunctious. Tell fluffybuttons we're sorry bout the tail thing. It'll grow back


Tell Pandora I'm sorry about the vase. I saw one just like it at Walmart the other day. I'll bring it down next time we visit.

Anyway, we were there for maybe an hour when we noticed little smiley started to smell a little rank. The wife went to get a diaper out of her bag but there weren't any and she forgot to pack extras. So I had to send her to the store and figure out something for baby smiley's bottom. Thankfully theac has a thing for silk shirts, and baby smiley loves the soft feel of silk on her tender little bottom. So I changed her and wrapped her in one of theac's nice shirts I found in his closet. I wish I knew where I left that dirty diaper. If you find it let me know. Its a good thing he had a few of those nice shirts. Must of been the cheddarwursts or mac and cheese or something, cuz little smiley was making mud like she was a california hillside. BTW, I really liked the hamper you guys had in your room. Was that some kind of wicker?

A little later we started to get hungry and figured theac wouldn't mind if we raided his fridge. Him and Pandora must eat out a lot, there wasn't a single frozen pizza, frozen corn dog, or frozen mozzarella stick to be found, And for the life of me I couldn't find a deepfryer anywhere in their cupboards. All they had to drink was that Sobe shit and bottled water. So we just drank out of the tap. I was actually surprised when the faucet worked, I figured it wouldn't and thats why they had the water in the bottles. I don't get you southerners. We found some crackers in a cupboard and snacked on those, since all I could find in the fridge were some green leafy things and a small bottle that looked like applejuice but smelled like pee when you opened it up.

After our little meal the entire clan felt a little sleepy so we snuck back up to theac's "cavern of love" (thats what it said on the door) and took a nap. It was kind of hard to find enough room on there bed, and the little one kept hitting the switch, making my wife dizzy.


I forgot to take pics of some of the other stuff up there. He and his wife must really be into dungeons and dragons or something, the place was full of leather whips and chains and masks. Its cool, I used to play in middle school too.

We all fell asleep for a little bit but I soon wokeup and had to take a wizz real bad. So I left their room and walked down the hall to what I thought was the bathroom. I opened the door up and saw this



I'm not quite sure what was in there, but I think it was his office or something. There were pics of elves all over the walls, and he had one of those plastic swords shoved into a paper mache rock thingie. I also saw this big piece of cardboard with what looked like a cat's eye painted on it, covered in orange streamers, with a fan in front of it. Whatever

I found the bathroom and let loose with a torrent of pee. Zipped up and went ot wash my hands but couldn't because his sink was full of these


There were cases of the stuff in the hallway too.

I came back and woke the wife and babe up figuring our hosts would be home soon. We went downstairs to wait for them in the living room. theac has a sweet ass system btw.


I think he's getting it ready for Hidef


pic of the built in tuner for all you videofiles


I know he's saving for a sweet new setup, but I don't see whats wrong with his currenty one. I wish I had pics of his nice sony shelf system. That thing could put out some serious bass. He did have it hooked up to his other equipment, though


6 o'clock rolled around and we heard a car pull up the driveway. I couldn't wait to surprise theac and his beautiful wife...