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OUR Buddy list?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Kevlar, Oct 17, 2004.

  1. How can we activate it like we can "over there" :confused:
  2. It works it's just different. I added you to my buddy list and now I see a + sigh next to your name in the online list.
  3. You mean on the bottom of the home no likey that :p


  4. PM Fly then or let them know in the thread specifically for that.
  5. I PMed theacoustician about the same exact thing. But I guess he didn't understand what I was asking. So I decided to wait until fly got back to bring it up again.
  6. :cool: Guess I will too.

  7. I'd like an answer to that too. Right now the list of who's online is short enough that it isn't a problem, but I could see that changing when the membership list gets longer.
  8. how does it work over there?
  9. If you click on Open Buddy List you will get a seperate window with your list and you can see who enters and leaves :D

  10. i've never used that before
  11. Yep and if the name is in red they are either coming or going.

  12. Is that what's doing that?

    I wondered about that.