OUch...drowning hurts!

JJ Lady

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Oct 26, 2004
Savannah, GA
So I know I've establihsed this several times in the past but I have this great propensity for being :tard:

I am sitting here spamming on the forum , take a big drink of water and it all went down the wrong way. My mouth is full of water is I'm trying not to spit it all over the computer but I'm also trying not to inhale anymore than I already have. So I end up chocking for a little bit then finally giving up and spweing water all over myself, my cat (who was in may lap) and the computer chair. luckily I missed the keyboard. Spamming is dangerous.

Anyone cause themselves harm while spamming?


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Oct 26, 2004
theacoustician said:
Note to self : never ever use the computer chair at bast's house ever again.

You should have thought of that a looooong time ago. It's not as good as a GT chair, but it'll do. :fly: