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Optical illusions

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mustard Dispenser, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. OK, check this one out:


    am I the only one that sees charles manson?

    Now you guys post some

    Oh, and just cuz I thought it was funney:

  2. Honestly when I tilted my haed nack I saw a white circle with a black cross in it. I don't know if that was related to the light source directly above my head affecting the illusion while my eyes were closed
  3. I saw the nirvana smiley....
  4. the first one reminds me of you
  6. Its Jesus. LOL

  7. [size=tranny]LOLOLOLOLOLOL[/men]
  8. Is see two frogs fucking on a lily pad.
  9. I saw flowers and ladybugs on a field of brilliant green dotted with happy trees
  10. Pass me a tab dude.
  11. I don't drink that shit, want some Glenlossie 19?
  12. i saw 7 dolphins... wait, that was a different one. dammit!

  13. you had me at glen :drool:
  14. Haha, it's some good shit
  15. I see it with my eyes open still...spooky.

  16. i havent had a decent whisky in weeks, i finished the bruichladdich :(

    i think i shall order the balmenach today.
  17. me too please ... I have been looking forever :D

  18. Ooh, more good stuff.

    I've been saving a bottle of Port Ellen 19 for a special occasion, and I'm dying to open it :drool:
  19. I'm halfway through a Macallan 12 :)