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Onno's saturday work thread

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Onnotangu, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. HI2u from Ford Pc heldesk of doom and sillycalls. :heart:
  2. Recordings are a must in this case. Get to it!
  3. Mornin', hope you have a good day :heart:
  4. oh geez.... you need the :heart: from all of us!
  5. i've been at work since 5:30am
  6. I'm at home just enjoying some TV.
  7. Ijust woke up from a latenight drunkathon

  8. i still havent woken up from mine

  9. sux 4 u:D
    Ive been sleepin all this time while youve been at work
  10. Yeah, rub it in :mad:

  11. *rubs it in* Oh yeah you like that? ;)

  12. expect a nice package of runny poop in the mail addressed to the wife :mad:

    i just got home, so i have another drink. things are looking up. :D
  13. i was supposed to be in at 8, but i just rolled in now, at about 9:45. HALO THAR FROM DATA PROCESSING!
  14. Did the subject get changed when I wasn't looking? :fly:
  15. What's the number there?

    We need to call it and ask help desk questions.

  16. :pics: of rubbing?
  17. My cupholder is broken!

  18. :shifty: Maaaaayyybe

  19. Is the computer calling you an invalid too?
  20. 1-888-317-4957