Halp One year birthday gift for my niece


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Jun 9, 2006
My niece's first birthday is coming up and I was thinking what to get her. I already pay for a shipment of diapers to come in. And because my sister is cagey with gift ideas, everyone else sends her clothes and toys. Seriously the little brat (read: angel) has two closets of clothes. She almost never wears the same thing twice.

What I was thinking about getting her was an interest-bearing account and each year put some money in it. Something like a CD or college fund account that she could have access to when she's 18.

Does anyone have any ideas where and how to do that?
I'm not an expert so my answer is highly suspect, but this sounds like a 'trust'. I'd look into local rules regarding the establishment of them and how to manage them.
If I do go 529, should I get one remotely for the state my niece is in now and get those residency benefits, or in my state?

Should I get the prepaid so I pay for this years tuition rates or invest the money?
What about some stock in a reliable company that will most likely increase in value over time? And one of those cool mobiles that hook on the kids bed and projects waves on the ceiling. My son liked the one he had.
The 529 will be very appreciated, especially if her parents aren't rich. By the time that kid is in college it will be mega expensive.
Get her a really nice wooden rocking horse, she'll grow into it and continue to use it throughout her toddler and pre-school years, and then have it as a keepsake when she's older.

The cool thing about babies and kids isn't just their futures, it's how they live in the moment and the best gifts I've found are those that create unforgetable moments throughout the year. Stop being so doggone practical and be the indulgent uncle, she'll love you way more :lol: