One of my harddrives died :(


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So one of my harddrives died on me today :( This fucking sucks! Yay, there goes my digicam pics from the last month (last time I backed those up). There goes a shitload of small proggies that are good to have around that I wont be able to remember. A bunch of movies and TV eps (replaceable but a pain in the ass). Backups of other drives :tard: And a lot of other stuff that I hope I'll never ever need again (trying hard to forget...).

Windows just wont complete loading when it's connected. It gets to the initial winXP screen (just before the welcome screen) and then it just sits there with a blank screen.

Has anyone ever tried that freezer trick that I always hear. Does it actually work or is it just a standing joke to have fun with the newbs?

In conclusion:
Oh and before anyone says anything. Back ups of all that shit would've required a couple of drives extra that I don't have room for...
Coqui said:
You try setting another drive as boot and slave this one (just for the files)
It's a file drive, no operating system on that one.
freezer trick can work for short amounts of time.

i :heart: my file server. only paid about $700 total, and now i've got total redundancy of my vital data.
Kabn said:
freezer trick can work for short amounts of time.

i :heart: my file server. only paid about $700 total, and now i've got total redundancy of my vital data.
I want a file server aswell. I've thought about it many a times. I also thought about getting a new harddrive just a couple of days ago to backup to, yay! GAH!

It seems windows hangs on it, wonder if Knoppix will let me get to it. But it's probably completely hozed. Weird thing is that it must've died last time I shut down or today when I started it up.

Now to order a new drive... Not WD this time me thinks...

edit: I see Fly had the same idea heh
could be worse, I lost both hard drives on my main rig last week :(
Alright, posting from Knoppix. Knoppix can see the drive just fine. WTF_ Hmm... that should\ve been a question mark >P Oh and those are wrong too... hehe. Aaanyways, everything is mounted as read only, of course, how do I find out which drives are FAT32? I know I have a couple of partitions that are FAT and therefore safe to write to.

Or if anyone has any idea how to make the drive work in windows again that would be even better... :)

btw, It\s a pain in the ass to find the right keys...

*A moment later*, swedish layout installed kekeke :)
yes yes YES OH FUCK YES! It's back, back from the dead woowoo! :D
fly said:
What did you do?
copy paste from [M]:

Ok, what happened was this:
Downloaded Knoppix, knoppix sees it just fine.
Copy important data to my server.
Reboot into windows, windows starts up normally but the drive is fucked.
Look in the management thingy (no idea what you americans call it ), it lists the drive but the status is "Failed".
I notice that it also lists a "Foreign disk". Right click import that one.
Goes to look to see if it's there. Nope, still borked.
Reboot... BAM there it is

No idea what the fuck was wrong with it, but it's back

Still gonna order a new drive though, just to be safe.
fly said:
Knoppix. Get it. Boot it. NOW!

I managed to rescue some files for a friend that way, :heart: Knoppix.

Mental note: Get that second hard drive I've been thinking about, back files up to it STAT, before something like this happens to me.
Linux has saved my ass more than once. the C partition on my laptop shat itself a couple of years ago, with lots of important stuff on it. No backups of course (lesson learned).

I tried a linux live cd (lnx-bbc) but it couldn't mount the partition either. I tried a few different CDs, but none worked except for an old slackware install CD. I used that to copy stuff to the second partition, rebooted into lnx-bbc, got the network up and transferred everything over to another machine.

:heart: Linux toolkit CDs.
Much :heart: for Linux indeed. If I wasn't so lazy I'd go over to linux for day to day usage. I'd still have to keep win around for games though.

Right now it just seems like to much of a pain in the ass to get it working to be worth the hazzle.
I've kept a linux server machine around for years, but I've never jumped the microsoft ship completely, because I'm lazy and because I don't care to fix what doesn't need to be fixed. Windows works fine these days.

I'm trying out Ubuntu Linux right now though... seems nice. Debian package management, up to date software and great auto-reconition of hardware. It managed to find everything on my laptop automatically, including the pain in the ass WiFi card. No WEP encryption though. I connected an USB mouse a while after the install had completed, it just lit up and started working seamlessly alongside the touchpad. I'm impressed.

Linux is getting better all the time, but there's no need for hell to start freezing just yet. I need my WEP first :D