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WTF OMG, the future of yo seedz is dooomed!!

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Applesauce, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. :omy::omy::omy::omy:

    PLEASE, PLEASE watch this, ya'll fellow earth people that buy & eat foodgrubz!

    Monsanto, (do I really need to go into who they are? Wake the fugggup if you don't know who they be)....:cool:

    I know it's from 2004, but just watch in case you are not aware of these developments that are now moving along at an extremely rapid pace. :(:(:(:(
  2. I will get flak for this, but I love Monsanto and stand behind most of the things they do.
  3. i await the time when I can buy my very own gene engineer clone.
  4. There's an App for that.
  5. I'm okay-ish with GMOs, but the poisons that come out of that place...

    edit: btw, I think sarcasmo posted a google video link to this movie, but thanks for the Netflix link - cause I'd rather watch it on TV anyway.
  6. The arguments against GMOs don't hold much water with me when there are so many freakin' people starving. Especially when the studies and toxicology reports that smear GM crop can't prove causality. You know what kills faster than Hepatotoxicity? Not eating.

    And I do feel bad for the mid-west farmer. They are inefficient and obsolete. They can't compete and are being propped up with government subsidies. Barf.
  7. They are slaves to Monsanto. And those farmers who don't use Monsanto's RoundUp proof soybeans are being sued right out of business by the shithole of a company. Its the corn farmers that disgust me.

    I don't buy the frankenfood scare mostly because we've been designing vegetation to our liking for thousands of years. Know what corn looked like a thousand years ago? It was smaller than a candy bar and totally inedible. GMOs :rolleyes:
  8. If you ever get the chance, an interesting lecture on this topic is Shakti, the Feminine Power for Change by Vandana Shiva. It covers a lot of the Monsanto influence over crops in India. Monsanto has a huge stranglehold on the food market. I've caught it playing from time to time on NPR.
  9. Blackwater (XE) does a lot of work for Monsanto. Why in the fuck would a legit company need mercenaries like that?
  10. Care to elaborate on this?
  11. Ever heard of the suicide seed?
  12. I have. I've also heard of intellectual property rights.
  13. We produce more than enough food so that people don't need to starve. Newsflash! We don't give it away to poor people enough, we hoard our own food and throw it away in the tonnes. Don't talk bull about GMO's being needed to feed the poor and starving when we don't prevent the poor from starving with what resources we do actually make. Also keeping starving people alive with government aid just aids yet more problems (over population etc. etc. etc.).
  14. I don't care about the starving people. If people are starving in your community then logic should tell you to NOT HAVE ANY FUCKING CHILDREN.

    Darwin should be taking care of them, not Western societies with natural crop killing GMOs.
  15. So?
  16. monsanto actually bought XE recently
  17. Lol @ newsflash. Thank you Walter Cronkite. So you want more free assistance.

    So you want less free assistance.

    Right back 'atcha.
  18. And patenting a seed is gross misuse of the US Patent system. Same with genes in general...