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OMG STATS ^Look at the navbar up top^

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by I Robert I, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. That's right kids, it's done(ish). I know you all love stats so here it is, the spammerslist inspired, of course, by mr_brett's original.

    If you see anything that seems to be wrong, please let me know, you stare yourself blind at these things while you're working on them...

    UF Official Spammers List
  2. oh dont do that it just encourages me :p

    Thanks for your work sir!!
  4. On top of both lists eh? That can't be healthy.
  5. Awesome sauce.:D
  6. :woot:

    9th allready
  7. o shit Ima spammer
    how the hell did that happen?
  8. Very :cool: Robert. TY :)
  9. Godammit...I'm still in the top ten...what'll it take to break my spamming heritage?!?!
  10. You ain't kidding :lol:

    Anyone who wants to move up and take my place is welcome to :cool:
  11. Not even ONE reputation point for this? BAH!

  12. haha, thanks guys :D

  13. I have no life. :(
  14. The PPD figure doesn't quite match the one on my profile...
    Is that coming from the same place, or is the stats generator calculating it?
  15. mr_bretts had a disclaimer on why his wasn't the same as the one you see in vb. something about the register date. I'm assuming that its the same problem...
  16. Oh. I still have one question.
    Why do you wear foil thongs?
  17. Seek help. Immediately.
  18. But..
    But, you're the one.. wearing....

  19. All the sudden I had this wave of competition come over me. I really.... wanna.... post.... whore. *slap* No I can't do that. Down girl.