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omg so cool

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by shamwow, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. they just finished remodeling the bathroom on my floor and we have a motion detector paper towel dispenser! :heart: :tard: :fly:
  2. First po- I mean, cool.
  3. I hate those, the pause between dispenses is too damn long

    On a humorous note, gloss black paint is fun

  4. I second that- anything that makes me even more lazy is a winner in my book.

    And FB- where ya been man...... ? :(
  5. Busy
    Jaded from too much time spent on crappy online forums

    But mostly busy
  6. You should make a pendulem that swings in front of it with a pencil and some string. Then it will keep wasting paper towels.

    Or maybe cover it with a tiny piece of tape or something. So people are waving around adn jumping in front of it.

  7. I see. Apparently you never saw my offer of free help then...... :(
  8. Thank God for this pl...


  9. :confused:

  10. Sometime last week when you were saying how much stuff you had left to set up, I said I'd come and help. Unfortunately, I think I was the last poster in said thread and you never saw it. I think. :(
  11. Oh, I guess I never saw that post. Not much you could do at the moment anyway.

  12. It's alright :)
  13. Here's his last post, FB
    You two need to get a room.
  14. Those are neat! Unfortunately, motion sensor sinks and towel dispensers never seem to work for me. I'm the one frantically waving my hands in front of the paper towel dispenser and it just sits there, mocking me. I give up and wipe my hands off on my shirt.
  15. i love those! its great not to have to touch anything after you wash your hands.
  16. that's awesome! I love those things.

    about 2 weeks ago we were at some bar that had one. it was great, we were all hammered standing around it making the towels come out. it was a great time.
  17. Haha it's the invisible woman!
  18. :lol: That's how it seems sometimes!
  19. except the door on your way out of the washroom, which has been touched by every unwashed hand :(
  20. that's why you keep a paper towel in your hand and use that to open the door. then you throw it on the floor.