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OMG Is dbzeag gonna have to choke a butch?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by dbzeag, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. So apparently Houston sucks.

    WTF is up with having to do brick and siding work on a building THAT'S LESS THAN 15 YEARS OLD???

    Do you bitches even know how to make a corner square? I am surprised you can build buildings higher than one story.

    There is no reason there should be replacement work done to brick siding. Period. No seriously. Cleveland homes over one hundred years old right against the lake with the battering of shit storms yearly and huge temperature extremes don't need repairs or replacements but 15 year old brick in a tropical climate does? WTF

    The reason this pisses me off the most is that the work is being done right outside my window. The constant drilling and hammering is pissing me off this Monday to no end.

    Speaking of end, it isn't supposed to commence until May.

    Seriously? You can't install or construct anything skillfully, at least be mediocre quickly.
  2. I have a couple year long massive construction project going on outside my window. assholes start up at around 6am EVEN ON SATURDAY MORNING. I will not shed a tear for you.
  3. WaW is an overabundance of care early monday mornings.
  4. Surprised it took you this long to figure out
    99% humidity 99% of the year
    Mexican carpenter squares only go up to 87 3/8°

    It was probably just a sh*tty building to begin with.
    Hey, theyve been "repairing" the roof on my building at work since november.
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    I was coming from Cleveland. Shit's got to be REAL bad to top that

    Same in Cleveland with the added fun of humid weather THEN freezing solid, cracking bricks easier since there is moisture on the inside before freezing. Still WTF, we have figured out how to build something that lasts longer than school loans.

    Much like their 2 by 4's going to 1.73 by 3.45

    No doubt.

    But that's just government contracted work. That's expected to take ages.
  6. Probably used sandy bricks.
  7. Didn't you used to bang her in high school (when you went)?
  8. Nah, that was Camilla Gorilla
  9. Sounds like you'd only be happy on a desert island with chim and no one else.
  10. they rebuilt the entire university building opposite me, knocking it down in small bits so it was stil useable.

    they started daily at 7am, finshed at 2pm. that went on for a year and a half until last month, right outside my window.

    i have no sympathy.
  11. But your uni was built in 1584. There is a reason it is being rebuilt. This shit is getting replaced before the roof warranty is out.
  12. One (of the many) things that drives me nuts about this area, is that if any commercial building gets to be 20 or so years old, they tear that shit down and build something new.


    looks like you have to get in by hammering a star into a star-shaped box, and a square into a square shaped box.

    either way. fucking horrible.
  14. i looks like someone shit out a tetris game
  15. I'm so glad I never had to deal with the 60's or the 70's in Europe...
  16. they built a new row of townhouses next to mine, and they'd start promptly at 7am every morning. they gave us a break and it was 7:45am on weekends. this of course was during spring/summer when all the windows in the house were open
  17. Not enough scotch last night?
  18. is there ever enough?
  19. Pretty much the same here, although they're renovating a flat rather than constructing it. And yeah, they start up on Saturday morning and are banging the wall directly behind my head, so the chances of getting a lie in are virtually non-existent.