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OMG! I'm new here!

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Kevlar, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. Hi's your day going? Nice looking forum :D I love the colors :heart:
  2. OMG ASL?
  3. You can thank FatBurger for our lovely Fairy Purple :D
  4. Welcome to the back of the bus...

    ...ooops, wrong place :o

    Um, welcome, great to see you here :)
  5. Makes me feel pretty, oh so pretty.

  6. So pretty, and witty, and GAAAAY!
  7. **hugs** to all of you.... :drool:
  9. So, can we post pics and stuff here too? Uploader and password?
  10. Link in the navbar (up top) to imageshack
  11. omg titz:drool:
  12. Hmmmm, don't see it...but it also says on the bottom that I can't post images.... :(

  13. You're welcome guys. :D

    And Welcome Kevlar
  14. you dont see "upload" in the nav bar at the top?
  15. wow...that was's there now and so is faq :D

  16. teehee this place is thuper!

  17. hay cool!
  18. Hey, welcome aboard :heart:
  19. :heart: