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Tampa OMFG - Tampa's huge new FAIL

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Duke, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. So, the big concert venue in Tampa is an outdoor amphitheater called Ford Amphitheater. Nice enough place, even though as venues go, it's got nothing on say Red Rocks or Fiddler's Green.


    Well, today it was announced that the name of the Amphitheater is being changed.

    Changed to what, you ask?

    1-800-ask gary amphitheater.

    That's right. You heard me correctly.

    1 800 Ask Gary Amphitheater.

    This town is so fucking retarded.
  2. bwhahaha awesome!
  3. Hey, at least the highest bidder wasnt CASH4GOLD
  4. ahaha, florida, such a constant source of entertainment
  5. I bet you it's only a matter of hours before this makes it to FARK
  6. I'd rather have that than the "Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge" :waw:
  7. that's too many letters for a working phone number.
  8. did you try 1-800-ax-Gary
  9. I just called to find out wtf it was
  10. Is 1800AxeGary something they have outside of Fl?
  11. Well thanks for explaining it.
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  12. Ford should have taken some bailout moneys just to prevent this sort of thing from happening
  13. money talks. but yes, lulz.

    ask gary does a LOT of sponsorship stuff though. was already doing a lot of concerts, etc, so it makes sense if they've got the $$$. chasin ambulances must be lucrative.
  14. more bay area news:

    st pete (with a big push from citizens like those in my housing association) has passed an ordinance banning panhandling. NObody is allowed to be on the corner.

    this has angered the fire department (boot drives) and the St Pete times, who has filed suit against the city over this. the association has encouraged them to find other ways to generate revenue. they've even organized a respectful ( :fly: ) picket of the Times.
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    I await the day:

    1-800 aks gary presents Tampa DJ Crew the Spin Doctorz at the Autoway Toyota Scion Carribean festival thingy..
  16. :lol:

    see above: money talks
  17. it's gary martin hayes, right? they gave me some BS on the phone about being a free help line for those who needed something or other