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omfg - addicting game

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. wait. do we hate ebaumsworld too?
  2. No, but I think we hate you.

    I'm just kidding baby, I love your finger paintings.

  3. Not yet
    When they start posting funzie comics with an ebuamsworld watermark, then well hate them.
    For now, personally, Im angrily indifferent to them.
  4. Holy is.
  5. I got nine, then I got tired of it.
  6. I wish I would have known, I wouldn't have taken this Immodium.
  7. I got one after about 20 tries.
    Damn windspeed pwns me.

    It took me a while to figure out why there was wind in an office. Then I realized what the fan was.

    I'm so slow tonight. :(
  8. I installed that on another forum, I'll find it for you again.
  9. I thought it was the one with the paper airplane flying at first. Glad to see it wasn't that one because that one got boring real fast.
  10. :heart:
  11. I got 12 and then i got bored.
  12. I sent the link to fly, so if it's not installed soon, it's because he's a lazy bastard.

  13. How hard is it to obtain/install these games?

    I'd scour the web for such links if it means we get pacman...
  14. They have to be coded for the vB Arcade. I don't think its hard to do, if you know flash. But I don't, so I can only install what people convert.
  15. I shall try to do it today and ICWater's Bloody Pingu, but I hav a fiber optics paper due that I need to create first.

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    You have to have the game source code, which only the author can provide.

    Pac-Man is available, I'll find it again.

    It's in the same package I PMed to fly.
  17. :drool:
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    only 10 is my best

    edit: 17 now