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WTF OK you Choppers! I present thee, Julius!

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by shawndavid, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. puh_LEEEZE do this for me.

    Fly and Ape know my friend, Julius. Please keep real name on the dl.

    Can any of you gay this up a bit?

    Or more than a bit?

    I know he gave you a head start. [claps hands]

  2. I don't even recognize him because he's so flamboyant in that picture.
  3. This is about the extent of my skills. If you haven't seen the commercial, then whatever. You aren't missing out on much.

  4. lol, that was pretty good, ape.

    do I have permission to repost this at genmay with ape's pic as the first rule? shawn not knowing genmay I'm guessing, the first rule is that when you make a chop thread the first chop must also be done by the thread creator. of course I will not take credit for any of it nor will I name sources. I'll just link to it here so you can merely click to see what genmay has contributed.

    is it a go?
  5. Waw, you have my permission.
  6. MAKE IT SO!

    But I'll need a link.
  7. this post bc im stupid and you already said link
  8. It can't be gay if you're drinking shitty beer in a can. A purple martini and I would believe it. Someone's elbow disappearing in your ass would be fairly convincing as well.
  9. Like that video you sent me? I determined that they were using crisco to get his arm up the hole that far.
  10. Yes, they do. Notice when it goes on it's white and thick, but after a while it melts clear. Crisco or any veggie oil is the best material for heavy lubrication.

    Meat won't stick on that ass!
  11. this thread is giving me the heebies
  12. Pro Tip!
  13. Damn...I expected so much more out of you people.
  14. This is pure gold.
  15. I was going to make a few today but had to much stuff to do. Maybe tonight.
  16. slammed all day here as well. no time.
  17. I've been too busy at work to mess around with it.