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ok what Moron Invited sleeman to my party?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Onnotangu, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. :mad:

    this better be the kinder gentler urbanski or someone's nut hairs will be yanked out with a rusty monkeywrench and hot acid.
  2. Its urbanski
  3. WHAT THEHELL???????!!
  4. Hooray!

  5. it was me:D

    edit: and urb's a good guy...sleeman is just his bizzaro alter ego
  6. yar
    when hes not being a professional troll hes actually a hell of a good guy
  7. Ir good with teh spelling and suteff
  8. I can't recall ever seeing that side of him.
  9. He can be...when he wants to.
  10. shens
  11. Looks like we don't have the shens smilie, we desperately need one.

    No shens, he can at least put on a good act of being a civilized human being, believe it or not. I'm not sure how far that act actually goes though :rolleyes:
  12. thanks dude. <3
  13. pussy
  14. nope, i won't bite :) ac made me promise to be nice and normal
  15. rumor is, this forum is run by black people
  16. QFT and because of the reasoning for the alter ego. urb gets much :heart: from me.
  17. You can be a tard, you just can't be a all-hating tard.
  18. yeah, cause I've got that position filled here