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Halp Oil changes, when and where

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by dbzeag, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. So my new car has about 2800 miles on it. This weekend chim and I will be attending Fur Fest and it's a bit of a drive.

    Now old school wisdom that I remember stated oil changes every 3000 were just a bit excessive but not damaging. And that the first oil change should actually happen at 1000, not 3000, to clear out any machining residuals from assembly. A friend of the family will actually drive his new cars straight from the dealer to his shop and replaces the oil with synthetic with less than 100 miles on the clock.

    I have a Maintenance Monitor that says the oil life in my car is around 60%. The manual states I should do oil changes every 7500.

    You can see my dilemma.

    Should I just wait and trust Detroit car makers that their sensors are working (if they have any actually) or that the number thrown against the wall "7500" is sufficient? Should I go and get a change earlier than prescribed because it's not like it would hurt anything anyway?

  2. I get them done every 3k miles

    Fur fest? wtf
  3. manufacturer recommended intervals are fine. they actually should have made 7500 the defacto standard years ago.
  4. Follow the manufacturer, however long trips, espescially in a new car says to change your fluids prior to the trip. Espescially a tip across multipe states.
  5. I'm SHOCKED that dbzeag needs advice concerning lubrication.
  6. It is a question to do with automobile mechanics, of course I have no idea what is going on here.
  7. Let's just say you would be the hit of the party if you attended.
  8. Is this a 'Bear' thing?

    Jesus. And you wonder why you all have a hard time getting your political agenda's accepted.
  9. Just run it until the temp guage starts to climb above normal range, then change it.
  10. Modern cars have an audible Oil Change Warning. It's a high pitched screeching sound emitted from the engine when the oil's all gone.

    Seriously, the intervals on my car are every 20,000 miles.
  11. Yeah the 3000 miles interval thing is totally a scam.
  12. I go with manufacturer recommendations. I also don't worry about what "they" say about new cars unless the dealer mentioned it to me when I bought the car. So far I seem to be doing okay as far as not blowing up a car is concerned.
  13. I use synthetic and go every 12k miles... of course that means I only get my oil changed like once a year or so...
  14. 3k mile oil changes hasn't been applicable since before you and I were born

    I guarantee you that even at 7500k if you got your oil analyzed you'd still have thousands of miles left to go. Old oil is not damaging to a regular engine in any noticeable fashion. If you were running ridiculously high compression or tons of boost or stressing that engine to its engineering limits, frequent oil changes would be important. Every other part of that car is going to fail before skipping an oil change will make any difference.

    Go with the manufacturer's recommended or get some 15k synthetic.
  15. get it changed now either at the dealer our any lube shop. Valvoline has always been good for me. pick a lube shop and stick with it, as they will keep track of everything you need done and when, like air filter, transmission fluid, etc.

    After that, do it every 7000 when it's warm, and every 5 when it's cold since it doesn't get cold in texas you should be fine at 7000-7500.
  16. that's not true. they only stopped pushing the 3k mile thing through the manufacturer in the last 10 years iirc.
  17. As long as you check your oil to make sure your car has some, it should be fine. I think that's why they always said every three k just for people who don't check.

    No point in saving a buck on something so cheap that can cost you so much though.
  18. Ryan got the oil changed on teh Subaru every 3k miles on the nose, which basically meant he changed the oil every month... and he blew a rod like a week after his last oil change.

    :lol: that fookin car
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    they only stopped recently because it was simply accepted common knowledge until customer complaints and straight up evidence showed that it was a scam. they stopped pushing it because people wouldn't buy their bullshit anymore and knew to not waste as much money at the dealership

    that being said, even in the 90s manufacturers recommended longer intervals for synthetics
  20. yeah and it ran completely 100% stock with no alteration to computer whatsoever :p