oi vey, my head!



damn hangover... last night was a friend's birthday... got smashed...

and to make it worse, while we were smashed we went to a donut store near campus (yay designated drivers!) and I dropped my iPod in the parking lot... yeah, the hard drive is dead.

OWNED. :fly:

but it was fun, and I found a replacement hard drive on ebay... can't send it in because there's a dent in the metal back...
BigDov said:
sounds like it was actually a fun time, up to the point of breaking your iPod

heh, yeah, although at the end of the night I ended up making an offering to the porcelain god... :( at least I wasn't the only one of us, we drank way past the point of excess. :p

the iPod thing could be worse, I've always wanted to crack it open but didn't because of the warranty... now I can do that and not worry about it! :cool: