Ohio Meet October 21

Now what time would you guys like to meet up?

FYI roads will be chaos until approximatly 5 pm around campus due to the Ohio State game.
Who cares about OSU? ;)

Truthfully the roads will be bad from about 10-noon and then from 3:30-5 so any time around that shouldn't be too bad... and it will only be bad for us if it we meet away from campus :)
ooooo ooooh the japanese steakhouse downtown. i dont remember the name but i think it was on high street. it's one of those places where they cook the food in front of you. can you eat something like that eileen?
Indigo Girls play at Lifestyle Communities Pavilion on Saturday :D I'd love to go to see them but a few of you may not be up for that kind of music.
Apparently it is call The Japanese Steakhouse, how convenient. http://columbus.diningguide.com/data/d100266.htm

If that's too expensive, there is always Barleys. They have great food and are reasonably priced.

If you want a cheaper alternative, House of Japan. Still a teppenyaki restaurant with all the standard stuff and it's pretty good. It's right next to the Bank One building up in Polaris.

Over there, there's also:
Cheeseburger in Paradise
Olive Garden
Carraba's Italian
Molly Woo's
California Pizza Kitchen

And various other ones within about 500 yards of that place.

Also again.....What time?