Ohio Meet October 21

Some third or forth cousin moved a few months ago from Texas to Columbus. He got upset when someone burned his Longhorns flag on his porch the weekend OSU played Texas :lol:


thats gold.

I do tend to hate ohio state fans though. At least the ones who get a chubby whenever you mention their beloved bucks.
Well since no one gave me any suggestions except Dave saying let's go to a brewery, we will be heading to Gordon Biersch.

Bring cash to park as it's downtown. Now what time would you want to do this.

Bear in mind, this is right next to the hockey arena, but it's an away game. There's still a chance people will congregate there for the game. Gametime is at 7pm.
I am thinking 3 through 2am, then find a late night drinking establishment. or invade coqui's place