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Halp Official Tard-O-Matic Political Derpy Thread

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Valve1138, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. there is no situation in which people flying nazi flags are not the enemy
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  2. And the next pic needs to be children's services taking that child away from his fucked in the head parents.
  3. Then the following pic can be of Glenn Beck crying about how the state is stomping that kids' parents' freedoms.
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  4. WTF is this? Is this for real?
  5. it is but I believe it is not entirely contemporary, and for sure not from Charlottesville today. I wanna say a few decades back but I'm not entirely sure.
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  6. Humanity can go fuck itself.
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  7. Fuck this shit
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  8. cuckservatives - we need the country ban list
    lolberals - stop being an asshole. you can't judge a whole group of people based off a few people

    lolberals - OMG look at this protest, all trump supporters are nazi racist fucks

    really bruh?
  9. Yes, all groups need permits for scheduled protest.
    That's why local state and federal laws are virtually unenforceable in 2017- social media has created the Flashmob so any right or left wing moron can dial up an instant event to protest poor perceived treatment from another ethnicity.
    The violence at these instant events is also Bi-Partisan. Plenty of violence breaks out at left wing protests, 2016 was rife with lefty violence right here in Charlotte.
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    Instant event? Flash mob? Are you mistaking YouTube videos of people dancing to Thriller with protests?
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  11. He's blithering out his ass.
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  12. Yeah sure. The Arab Spring was supposed to be a Thriller dance.
    You are constitutionally incapable of honesty.
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    Good to see you're calling people fighting against an oppressive government morons because they organized via social media. :nev:
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  14. /giphy tardwheel
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  15. As someone who hates other races I insist I don't hate other races!"
  16. right? like I'm not here for nationalism in the first place, but white nationalism is specifically about advocating for and seeking to preserve/create a white nation, not nationalists who are also coincidentally amd unrelatedly white.