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Halp Official Tard-O-Matic Political Derpy Thread

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by xgator4u, Jul 19, 2016.

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  1. Oh oh oh! Something about seeing a steel worker in the Midwest as a "real, everyday American" but an art student at NYU as an "out of touch coastal elite"

    Those assholes.
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  2. gravy’d :drool:
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  3. Never rage on a forum on an empty stomach.
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  4. Uh no, it's clearly the best time. Don't blame me for your weakness.
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  5. Are you mistaking @HipHugHer for @xgator4u?
    That was NFL cheerleaders...
  6. I think I was trying to say something disturbing and creepy once and succeeded.
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  7. Apparently.
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  9. from meow on every time some anarcho-capitalist wannabe internet libertarian is sucking ayn rand's clit in public yelling about how if people would just vote with their wallets we wouldn't need government I'll be throwing equifax right in their faces. perfect example of an industry that controls a huge chunk of the economy but that we have zero ability to influence as consumers without government enforcement

    if corporate personhood is going to be a thing then corporate death sentences should be as well. dissolve the company, jail the executives, and distribute remaning assets to the line employees.
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  10. How much public wailing and gnashing of teeth regarding this despicable human is appropriate and just, in your opinion?
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  12. Eminem relevant again? :lol:
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  13. if he doesn't listen to an artist then an artist is clearly irrelevant

    this is the same guy who thinks he isn't in a bubble while accusing everyone who isn't a midwest blue collar worker of being in one
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  14. Yeah he has no idea what he's talking about. Which is typical of those that lean right.
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  15. People can wail and gnash all they want, but minimizing the decades of harassment and even rape accusations against a powerful person because Trump is a dick makes no sense.
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  16. Maybe go talk about it somewhere besides the "politics" thread?

    Because it's clearly more relevant to talk about the victims' consequences, rather than the political ramifications of who he supported or not?

    I mean, unless you're trying to score cheap points on THEM DAMN LIBRULS who took his money and kept his company in a sort of 6 degrees to Kevin Bacon's Sexual Assault game.
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  17. :fly:
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