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Official Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars Thread

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by smileynev, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. I want to keep all the discussions to one thread please folks. Thanks.

    Watched it last night. Wow. It rocked like a lot and stuff. Can't wait to watch the conclusion tonight.
  2. You know, Ive never seen a single episode of that show.
    It just never interested me.
  3. same here
  4. Well, you guys missed out then.

    By far the greatest Sci Fi series on TV in a long time.
  5. So why did you make a new one about it? :p

    I hate sokozu's hair. She was kinda hot before. Now... meh.

    The one thing about that show in general that I don't like at all is how people can survive in space without going all Total Recall.
  6. Yeah, she was hotter before, but she's still hot now. A little boyish, though. And the part where she shoved the cooling rods directly into scorpius's head was kinda ew.

    The survival in space part I look at as there physiology being different then humans. Its been explained before that dargo can survive out there for short periods of time. I'm not sure how chiana survived. The part I found funny was her hair blowing in the solar winds.
  7. John's done it before, too.
    With his eyes open.

    I noticed the 'wind'... Irked me.
    Irked me somethin' fierce!
  8. Wasn't he in a suit though? I don't remember him being out there without a suit.

    The wind was caused by left over gasses escaping from the explosion?

  9. He's done it in a suit, yes.
    I could be wrong, but in one episode, I think it was the one where he became a statue, he had to get from one ship to another, without a suit.
  10. Yeah, that sounds familiar. I'd have to go back and watch it, though.
  11. Wait, wait - they call it a 'mini-series' yet there's only two parts?

    That's gay.

    I have major rage for the sci-fi channel.

  12. Theyre on my personal shit-list since they cancelled MST3K

  13. At least it's 4 hours...

    I'm just glad they got anything on film at all...
    Cuz this means they rebuilt sets, got the cast together again...
    Hopefully gives this another shot at getting picked up by another network.
  14. Well yeah, that and Invisible Man.

    And playing endless hours of Faggate
  15. True.

    I thought Rigel was too shiny.
  16. And Invisible Man
    And Good vs Evil

    And yet, they continue to produce such 'quality' 'sci-fi' shows as 'Scare Tactics' and that John Edwards show... :tard: :rolleyes: :mad:
  17. He swam!
    That freaked me out!

    I liked seeing 1812 again. :D
  18. He was still hot to me. He changed over the years, especially if you watch the first season and now.
  19. Did you see one of the Baldwin brothers is gonna be hosting Scare Tactics now?

    I don't know who's slumming more, him or sci fi with the kind of crap they produce.