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Ontopic Obama on Video Games: "a distraction, a diversion."

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by OzSTEEZ, May 10, 2010.


    He's right.
  2. which is exactly why it's fucking needed

    apart from WoW - a friend of mine has multiple level 80s with ~7000 gearscores. i never see him anymore. he's too busy running about azeroth on a fucking purple dinosaur
  3. Same for TV, drinking, etc. In moderation it's fine. Excessive video gaming is not a healthy lifestyle choice.
  4. meh

    as long as he doesn't start blaming video games for violence, I don't really care
  5. He's right; I feel guilty playing video games for hours on end...

    Fly on the other hand... :waw: How many hours have you logged on L4D2??
  6. Its better than going out getting hammered every night and cheating on your wife...

    well, maybe i should rethink that
  7. :thrawn:
  8. u guys!
  9. When you are ready to embrace the new aesthetic, you have my number.
  10. cheating on the wife sounds a bit more entertaining
  11. You're switching teams for fly? Oh behave.
  12. if it all ends in infidelity - i'll make sure to bump this thread
  13. If what ends in infidelity... fly and me?
  14. But seriously. Can video games be a huge time sink? Of course. But cant auto repair, painting warhammer figurines, dating multiple chicks, kite fighting, or landscaping also be a time sink? wtf does it matter?

    edit: And I'd like to point out that Obama is a HUGE basketball fan. Waste of time??!?!?
  15. Yes, but you are accomplishing something worthwhile in the bolded activities.
  16. Having green shit in your yard is no different than beating some fucking warlock in WoW. None of it matters.
  17. Improving real life skills matters. Your zombie kill count does not. Sorry pookie!
  18. that'll never happen!
  19. Using a keyboard and mouse is a real life skill
  20. Your mockery is cute; like always.

    a ,w, d, x, space bar and a few clicks isn't what I'd call complete utilization to accomplish a skill.