Not enough nerdiness here so pics of my collection...


I Robert I

I decided to take a family photo today of my little collection today. And I felt like sharing, cause I know you're just dying to see it! Aren't you?

Commence flaming and namecalling!


April23 said:
Do you fit these into your rectum?
Not really, no. You're free to have a go if you'd like though.
April23 said:
BTW - I don't see the fleshlight pictured.
The fleshlight is yet to be ordered. When I feel I can't get any more pathetic I'll order one.
April23 said:
Is that the only thing you can turn on
Yes :(
April23 said:
If I were you I'd have light saber wars. Woosshh!
I'm not quite THAT nerdy. Star Wars geeks are retarded.
April23 said:
Soo how many candles power are these bad boys.

(I think thats how you determine strength.)
Candlepower measures light intensity. Lumens measure total output. Can't say that I have all the figures in my head but most of them put out more than enough light.
April23 said:
They look really clean too. Do you spend all day detailing them raw?
It's a collection, I don't abuse them. Also I eat with a knife and fork, not with my hands like other more greedy eaters, so my fingers are usually clean.
April23 said:
Does your mom get turned on by the big one?
Not really no, she mainly shakes her head and rolls her eyes at me when I show any new lights I buy :D
Oh and just a little tidbit. The light on the far right there, the tiny one. It's called an ArcAAA made by Arc Flashlight lt. Well that company just recently went out of business. That and the fact that that little sucker is the best flashlight in that category money can buy it was recently sold on ebay for about $150... Flashlights are serious business.