No matter what you search for...



Guest google image search, there is always a furry drawing that pops up on the first ten pages. I guarantee it.

For instance, I just searched the word "tub" under moderate safe search and the second page gave me some pencil drawing of three horse people making out.
i googled nev, and after sorting through the half naked men on the first page, found furries on page two. your theory is correct.
April23 said:
Neeeeeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvvvvvvv why do you make me be so mean and close your threads?

I'm not sure why you would close this thread. It has content. It sparks debate. And its about fat people.
I too have noticed this. the worst I ever found was when I google image searched for "gunslinger"
Nothing for ecstacy, but I did find this: