Hawt NFL Deserves Its Own Thread - THIS ONE


full of tales of hot tail
Apr 26, 2016
also, just an observation, but considering that the nfl wants this all to be a super-wholesome family friendly event, there sure was an awful lot of pole dancing and ass shaking during that halftime show
My family had a rather lively text discussion about that. They’ve determined I’m a prude.

A few years ago, half the country nearly died from intense pearl clutching when Miley Cyrus twerked all over Robin Thicke and now we have a hundred chicks twerking on poles and thrusting their beefy beavers into the camera lens, during the most watched sporting event of the year. I could smell J Lo’s flabby rancid vag from here.

I know I’m in the minority because I think twerking is stupid and best left for the titty bars, but c’mon. At the rate this is going, don’t be complaining when a sudden backlash occurs and the ladies are covered neck to toe in thick cloth and we’re hanging gays on the wall.

Seriously? You want to avoid The Handmaids Tale from becoming a reality? Clean this shit up and give me a fucking marching band.