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Hawt NFL Deserves Its Own Thread - THIS ONE

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. So the Bucs just lost to the Jets. Yeah, that just happened. At least the Falcons lost too. :fly:

    Hows your team doing?
  2. BTW, had the Bucs game on the main TV. Then brought out a second TV for VPN + free RedZone.
  3. We (Pittsburgh) sucked hard today.
  4. I has no NFL team
  5. My Browns lost to the Dolphins but at least we weren't as bad as Pittsburgh. I watch football at my buddy's house most Sundays. He has a GREAT mancave! We grill out most weekends weather permitting, he has a large finished mancave basement with a bunch of recliners and three big screens complete with the DirecTV NFL package. Oh, and a large fridge always stuffed with various cocktails.
  6. The Falcons lost but not as douchelly as the Bucs. Boy did you guys screw that one! An L is an L though. We always split with the Taints though. They win there, we win here.
  7. Pat's managed to win a close one.
  8. Yours sucks more tho cause it was a divisional loss. Don't worry tho, I'm sure Matty will still have a chance to choke in the post season...
  9. Oh, don't worry my friend. You'll be seeing many of those in due time. And at least we'll get to the playoffs. :D
  10. Yeah, that was pretty hairy. Thought the Bills were going to take it.
  11. Bills really killed themselves with the penalties. And the Pats offense did themselves no favors.
  12. 14 mins left i the 4th...
  13. That Bucs/Jets game was one of the worst football performances I've ever seen. Both teams suck. I will be surprised if Freeman makes it all year as the starter. I think his days in Tampa are done. It's clear watching him argue with his offensive line there are issues.
  14. Fuck the vikings
  15. The only good thing I can say about week one, is that everyone lost in our division.

    Damn we lost our center and one of our starting inside linebackers.
  16. Shit all advertising leading up the to start of the season. Hadn't realized it had started already.
  17. You missed the Cowgirls beating the Giants last night. The Gmen had 7 turnovers and still came close to winning.
  18. Yeah, we were terrible. It sucks because we've got some talent there now. :hs:
  19. Nice illegal hit out of bounds on Kaepernick fgt
  20. Meh. I'm actually not really interesting in the NFL any more. The game has gone stale for me. Games take too long for such little action, and are on at stupid times of the evening.

    I'm getting more and more into watching competitive Paintball.