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New Position - The Sex Swing

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Shalimar, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. So I'm transferring schools next year. Long story short, my principal kind of encouraged me to look for work elsewhere (I even was telling teachers who asked where I was going near the end of the year that I was going to Elsewhere Elementary, LOL). Besides the fact that she's.. I'll say going through some stuff, I too needed a change for change sake. HATED going to work every day, have become a little disillusioned with the whole thing.

    So last Thursday I go to a job/placement fair for teachers who are transferring. Set up 20 minute interviews with 4 different sets of principals/interview committees. I picked the 4 based on their needs, grade 4 and 5 classroom teachers, and the fact that they were in the 30 minute radius of my house. All four are south of Ulmerton Drive here locally and probably all four considered high poverty (read: hood).

    Didn't get a call, though I thought I had interviewed fine. Even wondered if my stint on BB last summer had hurt me somehow (it didn't come up in any interviews, but I could just picture em saying "that's the guy from Big Brother, we don't want him"). Probably a reach, but again, I couldn't see why they wouldn't want an experienced male teacher in their upper grades.

    Was informed I'd have to go to the second round of the job fair this morning. Ugh. Dreaded it all day yesterday. Be there at 8 and set up interviews again with schools who couldn't find teachers for their openings.

    I only set up 2 this morning (Had nothing worked out today I run the risk of being "placed"--which could mean I might have to teach kindergarten an hour away from home if that's all that's available). Set one up at another high poverty school for a grade 5 teacher. But I also walked over to a principal I'd met last week (who didn't place me) who I liked and asked what her openings were. She says I've got a 4/5 combo EBD (Emotional Disabled, read: crazy lil dudes) and a PE opening. Well hey, I wonder if I could get certified and do that? She says she thought so and we scheduled my second interview for the day with her. She said I didn't bring any PE questions (guess the opening happened in the last few days?) and I said that's fine cause I don't have any PE answers, but I AM a big sports guy. Sports and nutrition are an area of expertise for me.

    First interview for the grade 5 position goes as well as can be expected. But the whole time I'm thinking gosh I don't really wanna go back to the same climate I was already hating. But I go ahead and say all the right stuff, how much I'd like to be there, asset to their staff, blah blah blah. I mean, I need to find somewhere to work in the fall.

    Get to the second interview for the PE job and the principal says she's checked with certification people and all I have to do is take a K-12 PE Certification exam. I'm a good test taker so I'm not real worried about passing. Though I figured I'd have to take the certification first, she informs me that I'll have the entire year to pass the test and to make sure I do so so that I'm not working out of field at the end of next year.

    I tell her about my sports background, the coaching I've done at summer basketball camps, etc. She says okay, the job's yours, I'm writing you down as our choice!!! I almost cried.

    Again, having become a little disillusioned with the classroom, and the increased pressure of getting kids to pass standardized tests, THIS IS AWESOME!

    I'm excited to:

    Wear shorts and tennis shoes every day to work.
    Have an opportunity to work with ALL the kids in the school, and hopefully be a positive influence.
    I'm EXCITED about lesson planning instead of dreading it.
    I'm not accountable for their test scores!
    Working outside (I anticipate going through 2 or 3 shirts a day--i'm a sweater).

    I had struggled recently wondering what I was going to do as an occupation because I just couldn't see myself in the classroom another 14 years--I'll have 30 years with the county in 14 more. I'm sure it's not going to be perfect, no job ever is, but I think I may make it now.

    I'm also trying to put together a 5 year plan regarding DJ'ing as I simply have been doing it a long time and in 5 years I'll be 47 and I can't see me in clubs very often at 47. Trying to train some guys that I can outsource work to. Not have to BE in the club, but still making a little side money at it for placing cats. Maybe at that time I'll try to coach basketball, too.

    Okay, that's enough I guess but I wanted to share the good news. SOOOOOO excited. Changed my whole outlook on the daily grind.
  2. Congrats! Sounds like very positive news and puts you in a win-win-win position! good luck!
  3. :hay:

    That sounds fucking awesome!
  4. congrats dude. that's great news
  5. You know you have to wear those gym teacher shorts now right?
  6. Start practicing saying "Take a lap" and blowing a whistle.

    What age are the students at the PE job?
  7. Yeah, you're going to need a whistle. One with diamonds on it that says "DJMM".
  8. thank you. thank you very much. pretty geeked right now.

  9. you are obligated to go buy this movie tonight and watch it

  10. Thats going to feel like a breath of fresh air, out of the classroom, into a much bigger one!
  11. I was about to post that this movie was his studying for the exam.
  12. Awesome dude!
    Now take a lap!

  13. :lol: oh hell, what are they called? the brand name all the fooseball coaches wore in HS.

    I have plenty of whistles, but may get a bedazzled one. you know, fit in and all.

    kids are k-5. it's an elementary school. i'm certified 1-6 and had considered taking a cert exam to teach middle school. but I honestly think I would eventually get in a fist fight and lose my job. them kids are TERRRRRIBLE.
  14. Sarcasmo thought this thread was going to be something other than missionary.
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  15. sweet man, 'grats
  16. :lol:
  17. that's how I feel. i'm sure there will be some trying times, and students, but in general I think I'll be much happier.

    gotta remember how to deal with 6 year olds though. I'll figure it out.
  18. I imagine being a PE teacher could lead to some good summer camp gigs too.
  19. :lol: coaches shorts&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi