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NEW GAMES ADDED and stuff.

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. o rly?

  2. fuck that shit, and fuck you too fucker

  3. Heh a slight difference between your score and mine in one game :p

  4. :mad: It was only letting me take one turn...... I've got issues when I try to play games here at work though. I'll get you for that though :mad:
  5. That pedestrian killer one. OMG
  6. OMFG Would you quit spoiling us. IVE HAD IT. :mad:
  7. Have you?
  8. Look at this shit: Average Ping: 670 milliseconds


  9. :( That sucks
  10. I have a better ping at home out in the boonies on my satellite connection :( Oh well.
  11. That pong one kicks ass

  12. QFMFT
  13. Of course it was more fun until the uber-gaming duo showed up :rant:
  14. I lie. :fly:

  15. :lol:

    Sorry sir. I'll wait for you guys to beat me until I play again :p
  16. That's it. I'm calling wr3kt. NO DINNER FOR YOU.

    (but I am making him dinner :fly: )
  17. i want the bloody version of that peguin batting game
  18. I'll try to add that this weekend.
  19. Now that intrigues me....

    Mmmmm bloody pengu's