Never, ever F*ck a Klingon without protection


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Oct 14, 2004
Setting is Guavaween, a Halloween street party & festival here in sunny Tampa Florida. Highlights include a parade and concerts. Attendance is in the 100s of persons.

The characters are my brother, JJ, his buddy, Mike T. and some random Klingon dude.

Mike and JJ are standing in the middle of the crowded street in Ybor City. They notice a gentlman dressed in Klingon warrior regalia and mask. Funny forehead and all. As Klingon warrior dude walks past, my brother, JJ, over hears Mike say the word "Pa Tak."

Suddenly, apparition like, the Klingon dude appears in front of Mike and asks "what did you just say?"
Mike shrugs and says "pa tak."
Klingon dude "do you know what that means?"
Mike responds "no, I don't know what it means, why?"
Klingon dude answers "because you just called me an asshole in Klingon"

As mysteriously as he appeared, Klingon dude melds into the crowds.

I, Lemonfresh, will attest to the verity of this story and promises that he knows all parties invloved, other than the Klingon dude.
You should have 'Insult Comic Dogged' him. "...and what do you say in Klingon when you want your parents to come pick you up?"