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Needs more sleeman...

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by smileynev, Oct 5, 2004.

  1. does everything else in the world. When does sleeman get to come out and play?
  2. what are you talking about? I'm already here, fucktardsicle
  3. Needs more anti everything to be sleeman.
  4. Sleeman will be invited when we open. Since he's not really into doing any work and just wants to goof off (his words, not mine), I don't see the point in him being here yet.
  5. Thats my sleeman
  6. is he gonna be urbanski-like or sleeman-like?
    all his bunny-shouting-i-hate-gay-people schtick in genmay gets on my nerves
  7. Hopefully the former and not the latter. I usually ignore his anti everything threads.
  8. hay, whose the skinny kid^^^:confused:
  9. Yeah, mine too.

    I do love the picture threads though.
  10. so wait, why am I here again? (besides the whole I'm sleeping with the owner thing)
  11. youre the fluffer
  12. :eek:
  13. eat a sandwich you scrawny fuck, geez
  14. I do enjoy taking brasso to a dull trashcan
  15. So many personalities, one small person...
  16. He's kinda like Yoda with MPD and tourettes.