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Needs more gratuitous puppet sex...

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by smileynev, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. yay! smiley can post cnn links again:D
    edit: someone get their hands on that steamy puppet lovin' scene:drool:
  2. so wait, you're smileynev, like the same smileynev from genmay?

    oh sweet jesus.
  3. Proof that the movie rating system is run by [​IMG]
  4. you didnt recognize the smell of cheddarwurst and butter?
  5. are you intimating something?
  6. my buddy saw that movie in some sort of stolen format, he said it was in-fucking-sane

    it might be good
  7. :gloerf: approved
  8. :gloerf:
  9. :gloerf:

    out of 5
  10. Ive gotta see this one
    Even if its just for the puppet sex
  11. Do you guys remember the review where they said they actually toned down the puppet sex from including scat, multiple positions and a pearl necklace finisher??? :lol:

  12. yeah, that's why I was saying someone needs to get ahold of the scene above...they had to cut a bunch of puppet sechs to drop the rating below nc17 :fly:
  13. I bet they put all that back in on the dvd release

  14. yar, that would make for a great easter egg :D
  15. omg it was horrible. did anyone else see it? i can't get the america f*ck yea song out of my head. :(
  16. what is this?

    should i watch it?
  17. I just saw it.

    Team America, Fuck Yeah!


    Most of the movie was silly and filled with southpark humour but not worth ful price. maintee only or rental.

    btw there Was Multiple postion puppet sex.

    i'd like to try every single one of those postions with DW. :drool:
  18. I hear it is extremely funny....I can't wait :D
  19. not that i am a thief or anything, but i have that movie on the computer at home. haven't got around to watching all of it.