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GAY Name This Tool

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. So Zac told me yesterday that he has the option to give one of his guns in TF2 a custom name. ITT we will help him decide on one. Even if you don't play TF2 (or any games, period) feel free to participate.

    Here is the gun to be named:


    Annnnnnd, go!
  2. PlookOMatic 4000
  3. Clarise.
  4. the penis mightier
  5. buckfutter
  6. The Jook City Welcome Wagon
  7. Ape's Butterfly
  8. ap13's virginity
  9. chocolate surprise
  10. wat
  11. That's a horrible name suggestion.
  12. The Messy Death Belcher.
  13. ITB 2.0
  14. meat muncher 5000
  15. the ADG

    (April's Dead Garden)
  16. That's the name for April's strap-on. It would be too confusing.