Mystery Piktarz!!


Oct 15, 2004
So, I was taking some b&w photos last weekend and when found an old roll of film in the camera bag. I decided to get it processed just to see what was on it. Well, I found pics of some horsehs on it so since everyone loves horsehs I figured I'd share.



BigDov said:
Aliens attack that black one or something?
i dunno, the roll of film is 5 years old. There's a pic of my truck on there that still has the decals on the side of it, and I took those off a month after I got it in May of 2000.
the stuff on the black one is probably caused by flies. They will eat away at the flesh on a cut.
CletusJones said:
and there you have it.

It looks like he smashed his face on something and then the flied got at it and made it look gross. Or maybe it's just a cut.

Flies also get at the horses eyes and can eat away at the flesh and make them look gross.