Baby My TV is Dead, but my mom isn't.


Apr 8, 2010
Miami, Florida
Okay I'm sitting here eating turkey legs while watching daffy duck and my TV shuts off and won't turn back on. I have a Phillips 27pt8302/37.

Everytime I hit the power switch, the green light which signifies that the TV is on just flashes. I don't a picture or anything...

Anyone else ever had this problem?
Same symptoms my last CRT showed when it died.

Like April said, Tomorrow is the best day of the year to buy a TV. Could probably get a 32" LCD for around $150, if there are any left.
CRT? Ewww
CRT ROX, I have one of the last hi def sony's :( I hate LCDs.

Either way, you probably fried the thermistor or the fuse for the tube. 99% of the time that is problem with "broken" crts. It can be fixed if you have some basic diagnostic equpment or you could see if there is a TV shop around.
This is either because your TV is too dinky to matter or because in addition to you being an insufferable know-it-all you are also freakishly strong. It's all that road building isn't it?
Road building is a great workout.

I should open a gym/workcamp. You pay me, Ill yell at you to do civil engineering projects.