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My sources have informed me

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Syrup Beaver, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. That on that 'Gilmore Girls' show last night,
    the chick on the show said:

    'nice ficus'

    I think one of us secretly writes for the show :shady:
  2. I just did a google img search for that show, them wimmins is hawt
  3. :shifty:
    I need tivo dammit.
  4. Gilmore Girls?

    Is that like some Space Opera Sci Fi show or something?
  5. Yar

    I mean, so I hear :shifty:

  6. godammit stop watching womens shows you faggot
    tonight I demand you watch at least 2 hrs of monster truck pulls and/or nascar or your heterosexual street creds are forefit
  7. I'm gonna watch lost if I can. Is that okay?
  8. Would hot rod garage and huntin' shows be okay?
  9. Ive no idea what that is so Im just gonna say no.
    Watch the speed channel instead
  10. Yes
  11. half naked chicks, polar bears, and dudes getting eaten.
  12. woah, that sounds cool!
  13. Are there penguins getting eaten too?
  14. Cool, Jed and Urleen are gonna show me on how to skin a raccoon.
  16. He has a poster on his wall

  17. I bet he watches 7th Heaven too
  18. :egads:
  19. I have no idea what that is drool. Please tell me...