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my roommate:

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by strawberry love, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. well now, that certainly is interesting!
  2. seriously :p
  3. she really doesn't have to worry about you stealing her clothes, does she?

  4. im a couple sizes bigger than her. :o
  5. Is she picking a wedgie?

  6. i caught her mid dance :p
  7. :heart:

    I'll bet I'm a couple of sizes bigger than you

    That doesn't negate the point that even if you could.. you shouldn't...
  8. hawt.....
  9. Does she want a boyfriend?
  10. Thats just a... wow. It looks like she has tribal tat's on her legs, and god knows I love tribal girls :drool: .
  11. ...she looks like a Muppet.

    Still hawt though, send her my way. :D

  12. I thought they were stalkings. If they are tattoos you can have her. If not I called dibs first.
  13. They're stalkings, but hey man I wanna dream.

    I'm waiting to see if I found a wife or not...

  15. That doesn't mean anything, she hasn't met ME.

    Plus, once he sees her in those clothes he will be long gone.
  16. Your roomate is 11?